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3040 W. Hopkins St. Milwaukee WI 53216
Phone: (414) 449-9396
Fax: (414) 449-9427

About Us

B83 Testing & Engineering, Inc. is an independent test laboratory located in Milwaukee, WI. We support a wide variety of industries including: automotive, railroad, agricultural and construction equipment, professional tools, medical devices and machines, electrical power controls, and consumer products.

We are proud to be an engineer owned and operated company with the expertise to efficiently and accurately handle the most challenging and complex projects. Since 2002, our engineers have created long term partnerships with our customers to develop and perform tests that enable quality decisions and solve problems associated with their product designs and manufacturing processes.

B83's engineers specialize in unique fixture design, test development and test execution. Our ISO 17025 scope of accreditation includes: vibration, mechanical shock, sustained acceleration (centrifuge), cyclic fatigue, load/displacement, field data replication (RPC®), environmental (temperature, humidity, and altitude), thermal shock, and specialized test requirements.



3040 W. Hopkins St. Milwaukee WI 53216
(414) 449-9396
Contact Us Quote Request About Us Resources Sitemap

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